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Twenty years of working in the child welfare field taught me one thing....I know nothing! What I am sure of today will change with the tide...or rather, the internet...and the face of families sitting across from me in the therapy chair will be just as desperate, but for different reasons. When I began to dream of the concept of Family Matters, what I understood is that there are thousands of other therapists out there just like me. Folks who want to learn about what they don't know so they can at least feel more confident in the therapy room. While I know nothing for sure, I do have an understanding of how to remain curious and humble so that I can ask about things I don't know, help families be willing to not know, and have the courage to be wrong while still forging their path forward. That's the dream for Family help professionals to be ok with knowing nothing...while still seeking knowledge to know a little something that helps families manage life's ever-changing difficulties.

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